Intellect Vs Virus — A Meaningful Perspective

“Cosmos can be ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Magical’ for the one striving to realize it.

Cosmos can be ‘Unknown’ and ‘Baffling’ for the one striving to understand it”

It was half past 10 in the night. My wife and I were seated in our west facing balcony enjoying the crescent moon and few stars.

Looking up at the sky, we struck a conversation about our solar system and its planets. And the unknown reality behind the geometric proportion in which these planets move around in perfection holding on for so long. A Massive and Magnificent systemic functioning of objects in a rhythmic way which remains ‘Magical’. Isn’t it?

With due respect and regards to all the Scientists and Spiritual masters, their discoveries and experiences, we were only discussing with our limited knowledge. The big question that makes one wonder is “where and how it all started?”’. Irrespective of various theories about the formation, that still remains unanswered and most of us are neither curious about nor attracted to.

Looking down from our balcony, we also happen to talk about the ‘unknown’ and ‘invisible’ virus that is ruling the roost and a potential menace that we are all battling. Various country leaders, Organizations and more importantly the Health Care communities are putting up a brave front in an attempt to eradicate this “temporary” blip caused to human lives and their livelihood. There is significant progress made in the form of immunity boosters and prevention medicines, and we hope to see the light soon. One of our greatest strengths as a community is the human “Intellect”, which is the single differentiator amongst all the living beings on the planet.

Sometimes, the learning or lessons are right in front of us as big as the whole cosmic system and are obvious. Here, in this case “Looking up”, getting awestruck and inspired is equivalent to the “Intelligence” — will lead to the required momentum and action. By “Looking down”, with anxiety and worried about uncertainty is equivalent to the “Virus” — will lead to stagnation and ultimate destruction.



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