A Perfect T20 Game set for the greatest finish of all time!

The year 2020 started with a few of us wishing each other, “let the current year be filled with thrill, adventure, and entertainment in the same order like a T20 (2020) game by the minute”. Personally, it was series of déjà vu moments in the first few months of the year, starting with fixing my car’s damaged door on the New Year day courtesy my wife or a few weeks of bed rest due to an ankle fracture or a risky trip between continents before the pandemic situation got so much attention. I could not have imagined these pre-cursors to what was going to come in the form of lockdowns, quarantine, and physical/economic/psychological impact. It was as if preparing myself for the largest impactful event in the history of Mankind.

Anecdotally, perfect sync that I would never had imagined a situation that we are experiencing now alluding to my wishes at the start of the year.

The first half of the year or the game was dominated by the headlines covering the Virus spreads and its consequences that were scoring at a brisk pace and setting up a mammoth target, interestingly a rolling targets. The scores of the spread of infection, the increase in fatalities rates, many livelihoods lost, and the physical and mental stress at the individual level were marked highlights.

The opponent team’s (which is us) initial response to contain the scoring rate was witnessed through various practices of self-quarantine, the nationwide lockdown, the financial and policy-related impetus by the government that had helped to slow down the run rate. The various versions of unlocking phases marked the beginning of taking control over the situation post understanding the nuances of the game played by the virus. Not only closing and opening up of resource movement was part of our tactics also chasing or overcoming the ever-increasing target set by the virus was well planned to be executed in the second half of the year or the second innings. I am referring here to the 160+ Vaccine trials that are being carried out by various companies around the world with a few close to being out in the next few months.

This signifies the hallmark of a winning team’s mindset which strives to build a “sustainable path of success by all means” by swiftly adapting to uncertainty while always remaining “Purpose Driven” and “Resilient”

With an emphatic certainty, we have started off our innings well. I anticipate a great finish to this year and waiting to witness our mastery over finishing or chasing the game successfully. Perhaps, roller coaster rides are inevitable and our fitting response to those will be even stronger. The unlock 3.0 came with some more opportunities to recoup livelihoods and more importantly there is a certain level of “cautious optimism” crept into all of our minds to lead our lives adapting to the situation. This flexibility and fluidity exhibited by our human race itself will lead the fight as well as the chase to a perfect finish.

It’s “get the mindset right and the right actions will follow suit” approach.

Like every cricket fan, I look forward to a more thrilling, adventurous, and entertaining chase this time with the know-how of adapting and resilient ways to win the game!